Financial Challenge – Day 16

In the last few Financial Challenges, we’ve hit on area such as cable TV, Internet service and long distance phone service where you may be able to find painless savings. Today we are going to take a look at a less obvious monthly charge where you may be able to compare prices and get a better deal – your garbage service.

It used to be that you had to pay the garbage rate dictated by your city and that was that. What usually happened was that the city would contract with a single garbage company and that was the price that everyone paid. More and more cities, however, are fostering competition among several private garbage collection companies these days. It is no longer unusual to find a city’s garbage services have been contracted out to a number of different garbage companies to help keep prices more competitive. That’s correct – you may have a choice on what company comes to pick up your garbage and the service can vary as much as $10 a month (that’s $120 a year toward your debt reduction or into your simple savings plan).

In the time that you have set aside for today’s Financial Challenge, you are going to call your city hall or local city offices to find out if there is more than one garbage disposal company licensed and qualified to dispose of your garbage. If there is more than one, you want to get a list of all the companies along with their phone numbers. Once you have these, call each company to check their pricing including the charges for special services (recycling, large item disposal, garden waste, etc). You may be surprised to find out that you can get your same garbage service for less.

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8 Responses to Financial Challenge – Day 16

  1. Perky says:

    We were going to switch, it would have saved us almost 5 a month, but we started taking it ourselves (there is a recycling center very nearby)

  2. Frazzlemommyof2 says:

    Where I live my city taxes pay for garbage pick-up (also leaves/brush removal and large appliances removal). So this service is “free” for me.

  3. Marissa says:

    same thing for me, this service is “free”, paid through taxes…

  4. anna says:

    Or you could do like my hub’s grandpa and just keep building barns to hold the trash. They haven’t had garbage pick-up since 1954. There’s this cute little outhouse on their farm, and (okay, I have morbid curiosity) I opened the door to peek inside and about two years worth of trash almost fell on my HEAD. I mean, they burn the paper stuff, but… wha…! No wonder my hub’s a hoarder… I’d need six video tapes to log our personal belongings… you can’t imagine the money we made on scrap steel when we moved (it’s gone. Don’t ask. The money and the steel.) But don’t get me started…

    Trash. Our neighbor has a full-sized dumpster. Being we just moved here, he said we can just throw our trash in there and pay half. Hub started doing that WITHOUT asking what ‘half’ is. ((That’s the way hub works.)) I’m worried about ‘half’. That’s a BIG dumpster. And those people are weird – their mailbox is a birdhouse with a knob on the front stuck on the top of a railroad tie. Their emergency house numbers (most people have green signs with reflective white numbers?) – they have a piece of yellow legal paper stapled to the railroad tie with permanent marker scribbled on it. It says ‘we live down this drive’ on the bottom. Did I mention I fear? I fear for my sanity, our finances, over the neighbors… hey, is there a daily stress challenge coming up anytime soon…?

  5. davis says:

    This was great! I just knocked off $7.50 a month and to tell the truth, I had no idea that we could choose garbage companies. I guess it’s bad to assume.

  6. Great tip! Unfortunately for us in San Jose, we are stuck with this one company that handles garbages – NorCal. Our Mayor was involved in the recently exposed trash-hauling scandal. lol!

  7. Scott says:

    Like Perky I found out that the recycling center / garbage drop off is near where I work. I try to recycle what I can, and I have very little trash each month. It saves me $30/month to do it this way. I’ve been doing this since September, thats $180 so far. (BTW I have upped my 401k investments $80/mo in the same time, so almost half of that has been pain free)

  8. Gloria says:

    Live in an apartment complex…dont directly pay for trash (if you dont count taxes) but I will keep this in mind when we finally buy a home. Thanks

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