Does Money Make You Sexier?

Sorry, I couldn’t let this one go and I’m interested in getting the opinions of others on this. Let’s just say that my eyes were rolling a tiny wee bit as I read this article over at msn titled Why the Donald gets all the girls?

Why do beautiful women keep marrying Donald Trump?

Most people — at least most people who aren’t billionaires or supermodels — will answer that question with an insult directed at the latest Mrs. Trump. It’s an insult that probably can’t be printed on this Web site, but it rhymes with “because she’s a bore.”

We know why rich men marry beautiful women: for the sex, naturally enough, maybe even the love,


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4 Responses to Does Money Make You Sexier?

  1. How To Be Poor says:

    IMHO, ninety-five women out of 100 will tell you that confidence is something they value quite highly in men. Confidence and the sense of humor.

    You can’t not feel confident while driving a Bentley Azure next to a beautiful girl on your way to an island you own. So of course money makes you sexier.

  2. Jay Gatsby says:

    Confidence comes from not really caring what other people think. When you have money, you aren’t really dependent on the opinions of other people to measure your self-worth. You have money as a measuring stick — and money is the measuring stick most people use for success.

  3. ~Dawn says:

    Of course money makes you sexy. But the underlying question is: what kind of people does it make you sexy towards?

    Eventually the ‘lust’ wears off and then what will hold the relationship together? Money or love?

  4. SMB says:

    “Hmmmm, I guess the way I feel about it is that if she really does love Donald for who he is, I would have less respect for her than if she was just after the money…”

    I so agree. He’s foul.

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