Funny Money – Week 8

Another Friday has arrived and to get the weekend off to a good start, here are a few stories from the news that will make you laugh, or more likely, make you shake your head. No matter what, they will show that life isn’t near as bad as the previous week may have made it seem. Onto the funny money for this week:

Man Robs Neighbor Having Heart Attack – Now there’s some neighborly love for you.

No Name Doesn’t Mean No Taxes – Nice try, but nobody in North America would have a name if it had worked…

Blame Frozen Squirrels On Insurance Report – True insurance claims. I think I would have just lied.

The Stupid

Man Sells Cocaine To Uniformed Cop – Not the brightest bulb burning here…

Man Steals Police Car From Station & Get Arrested Again: Guess he really didn’t want to be set free…

You know you have a drug problem when you try to Steal Your Dead Mom’s Morphine – minutes after she dies…

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