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Firewall - The Movie Harrison Ford

Who says personal finances can’t be exciting? Not Hollywood who will be releasing the movie Firewall (with trailer) tomorrow. The movie is about Jack Stanfield (Harrison Ford) who works for the Seattle-based Landrock Pacific Bank as a computer security specialist. As a top-ranking executive, Jack has built his career and reputation on designing anti-theft computer systems in the banking industry, protecting their financial holdings from the constant threat of Internet hackers with his complex network of tracers, access codes and firewalls. Bill Cox (Paul Bettany) has been studying Jack and his family and has spent the better part of a year methodically infiltrating every aspect of Jack’s identity.

So how does Jack find out that his identity has been stolen? He discovers it while reviewing his Equifax credit report (how’s that for a nice credit report review plug?). While I highly doubt that people that truly do have their identities stolen have to also worry about their entire family being kidnapped with threat of execution, it goes to show that such issues as identity theft are becoming a well known source of trouble for consumers – otherwise a movie like this probably would never have been written.

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