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Have some time to waste and a keen interest in housing prices in your area (or anywhere in the US)? You have to check out the site, but be sure you have some time set aside to play. Whether you are looking to buy, sell or you already own a home, there is fun in store for you and all the information is free. I went to check out the site and found 2 hours had passed when I was finally ready to write up this post.

The first thing I did was enter my mom’s home address. We’ve been considering what to do with it for awhile now because it is located in the middle of silicon valley and her entire retirement is locked up in it. The initial price came in at a cool $1.2 million


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  1. Lori says:

    Very cool site! However, I do think that it inflates the value of a home a bit, especially with this cooled-off market. I really don’t think the ones I looked at would sell that high right now.

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