Funny Money Friday – Week 7

The weekend is hear and that means it’s time to take a look at the past week’s Funny Money in the news:

Wife Sets Up Husband To Be Robbed – Now there’s a solid relationship

Grave Robbers Target Hong Kong’s Wealthiest Man’s Dead Wife – At least they have good taste…

Bill Gates Has Tax Problems Because He’s Too Rich – The IRS must be running their system with Windows…

The Stupid

Man Reports Stolen Pot To Cops, Gets Arrested – The quote says it all: It’s “not very darn often” criminals such as Tippetts come along, stated Lt. Doug Edwards of the Orem Department of Public Safety. “Even the dumb criminals are generally smarter than this.

Burglar Gets Stuck In vent: Talk about really bad luck – someone had a camera so everyone around the world can actually see how stupid you were

Woman Caught For Misspelling Forged Check – Guess she’ll have some time to brush up on her spelling…

Pastor Sells Church For BMW – ummm, did he think nobody would notice?

Nigerian Scammers Fleece Australians For Millions – If you give these scammers $2.2 million after how long this scam has been around, you deserve to lose it. Greed will get you every time…

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3 Responses to Funny Money Friday – Week 7

  1. Mike says:

    I can’t believe people are still believing those Nigerian emails!

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