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Saving Money Isn’t Sexy – Until Now!

saving money isn't sexy

This post has already gotten me in trouble with my wife, but I swear it was necessary research!

Big Mike was kind enough to inform me that:

“The problem with this (simple investing) plan is that it’s boring, and if it’s too boring people would rather spend their money on a new car than the investment plan, and they’ll never get to that $100,000.”

Boring?!? Hmmm, obviously there are people who visit here that don’t think that my writing is sexy enough and I wasn’t going to sit around and do nothing about it. Research – I needed to do lots of in depth research (yes, you can now see why this post got me in trouble with my wife 😉 ). What I found wasn’t promising. According to this piece, saving money is just not sexy

We’re told money isn’t everything. It can’t buy love, happiness, talent or respect. But while we like to say we trust such ideals, popular culture suggests otherwise. After all, it’s only after Scrooge opens his wallet that he obtains friendship and approval.

A silly dichotomy exists in our current culture of mass consumption. First, the stereotypical savers, who put on a sweater rather than adjust the thermostat and are afraid to have any fun, opt to squirrel away nickels and dimes for distant rewards – education, retirement, travel. As in Monopoly, personal wealth is itself the goal, and millionaire status can be obtained through a lifetime of pinching pennies.

Second, the suave spenders, who shop their way to glamour, thrill and status with carefree spontaneity, indulge in immediate pleasures like fast cars, fancy clothes and frequent excitement.

It’s true – saving isn’t sexy. But the credit-based, material-girl lifestyle norm isn’t healthy.

So obviously with my saving money as the best investment you can make theory, I’m up against some pretty strong stereotypes in trying to convince people that saving money is sexy. To solve this problem I decided I needed to embrace the tools that are used to create the culture of spending and apply them to saving money. If a commercial can convince bald, aging men that they can have sexy cheerleaders doing cheers just for them if they buy the right kind of beer, I can convince my readers that saving money is sexy by simply posting lots of scantily clad women among my writing! (you can see how this project was getting me in even deeper trouble with my wife)

saving money is sexy
Saving Money Is Sexy Association

Realizing that a good portion of my readers are women, I also needed to place a token scantily clad male subject within the writing too (for some strange reason, there was no complaint from my wife at this…)

saving money is sexy
Saving Money Is Sexy Association 2

I also decided that it was important to place in at least one sexy link to add to the sexiness of the entire post.

So there you have it. I have transformed my simple investing plan from a boring tutorial into one that will ensure that every person that follows it will have scantily clad women or men all around them (depending on your preference). It’s amazing what you can accomplish with a little bit of marketing association wizardry.

Saving Money Is Sexy! (and for some strange reason, my wife now want s to go through my recently bookmarked pages…)

9 thoughts on “Saving Money Isn’t Sexy – Until Now!

  1. During his first couple of years in high school, my kid brother used to come home from farm work covered in cow manure. Ten munites wouldn’t go by and two-three always different upperclassman girls would drive up, cuddle with him, and watch a movie, cow manure and all. They didn’t care, the guy was so-o-o sexy, they said. Moral: it’s the people who make things sexy or not.

  2. I don’t think photos of cow manure would help my sexiness in this particular case – and would not have been near as much fun to search for 😉

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