January Profits From Sat Sites

January was a better month than December overall for the satellite sites, but the average income from all fell once again (this is due to me counting the 4 new sites that are still receiving very little traffic). The average for all 19 sat sites that were up for the entire month came to $33.86. That compares to a $39.09 average in December and a $54.09 average in November (as a comparison, if I take the original 10 sites for this month, the average they generated came to $59.07 which is a slight increase from 2 months ago). I’m pleased with the month, but not overjoyed. I still need to do a lot of work to generate traffic for them.

Satellite January profits

Earning Rank Jan. Change
1 $155.84 +$14.38
2 $105.08 +$14.44
3 $82.99 +$47.90
4 $69.75 $0.00
5 $41.45 +$9.05
6 $40.53 -$39.59
7 $35.53 +$0.18
8 $24.06 0.00
9 $17.96 -$3.91
10 $13.84 +$1.41
11 $12.34 -$0.18
12 $11.35 -$4.16
13 $10.81 N/A
14 $10.37 +$0.37
15 $4.51 -$0.13
16 $3.65 N/A
17 $2.96 +$2.03
18 $0.48 N/A
19 $0.00 N/A

There was a big drop in one of the sat site’s numbers – I’m not exactly sure why that happened, but I’ll have to look and see if I can find an explanation. There are also a lot of sites not earning in double digits which is discouraging. I think they just need more publicity so I’ll try and do that if I can find time (although that may be difficult for the next few months).

I didn’t put up any new sat sites during January, but there is a good reason for that. We were working on getting the journals we had on our main site into a more bloglike format. While this will set me back on my goals a bit this month, in the long run I think it will make our main site much more entertaining and valuable. It also gives us a lot of interesting options in building the site.

February is going to be a tough month. It’s 3 days shorter than January and I’ll probably have even less time to spend on promoting the sat sites as I did in January. I’ll just keep plugging away and in 2 months Nate and I will sit down to decide whether to continue like we have been (me taking a full time salary and him getting whatever is left over) or go back to splitting the profits 50% – 50%.

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4 Responses to January Profits From Sat Sites

  1. Loi Tran says:

    That’s a lot of sites. What are sat sites? How do you manage them all?

  2. pfadvice says:

    “That’s a lot of sites. What are sat sites? How do you manage them all?”

    Sat sites are “satellite sites” – it is a name we gave them. Basically each is a site where information from the main site has been taken and expanded into a site by itself with anywhere from 5 to 20 pages. Once they are built, there is nothing to maintain – we just leave them up for information and only add more information when I write something else on that subject.

  3. Very interesting, do you link to these sat sites on this blog?

  4. pfadvice says:

    “Very interesting, do you link to these sat sites on this blog?”

    No, I don’t have a list of them on this blog although I do mention them from time to time if a post is appropriate and they have relevant information. I should probably make a page listing them – will link it here when I get it done.

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