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Playing The eBay Game

I thought I was going to wait until the first to start in on the Money Making Challenge full steam, but good old eBay sent out their notice that tomorrow (2/28) is a $0.10 fixed price day. Although I don’t … Continue reading

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Dave Ramsey Going Reality TV

Yep, you read that title correctly. It seems that Dave Ramsey has signed a contract with CBS to do a reality TV show series pilot as well as develop a syndicated series. The reality TV show is tentatively titled The … Continue reading

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Getting REALLY Rich – 3554 Amun

I was reading an article over at called Profits Set To Soar In Outer Space and couldn’t resist passing along this paragraph: The long-term possibilities are even more celestial. Ever heard of 3554 Amun? It’s a space rock about … Continue reading

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Deal With Your Debt – Book Review

While a book about debt isn’t what most people would want to curl up with for a good read, for those that have debt there probably isn’t a better type of book to read. The problem is finding one that … Continue reading

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I Need To Get A Life – Or Opportunity?

This is how I spend a Saturday – claiming about 50 gmail accounts that I’ll probably never use, but couldn’t resist getting (now you can see why I need to get a life). This is how my mind works – … Continue reading

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When I started to add satellite sites, I thought that National Condom Week would be one of the big winners in the group. I had a tie in with credit card condoms and it was just quirky enough that I … Continue reading

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Money Making Challenge

While personal finance writers talk a lot about how to save, invest and pay down debt, rarely do they talk about how to make money. They leave this to others, but it should be part of every personal finance lesson. … Continue reading

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Financial Challenge – Day 19

As we continue our Financial Challenges to save money, we still have a number of areas where we can accomplish painless saving – getting the things that we’d normaly purchase, but at a better price. Today we are going to … Continue reading

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It seems that my comments about the way the Money Blog Network favors each other has gotten me on a partial blacklist. For those not familiar, I made some comments that I didn’t feel it was right that the MBN … Continue reading

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Bankruptcy Risk Score – The Credit Score You Don’t Know About

It seems that most people are now aware that their credit score can have a large impact on the financial aspects of their lives. Many, however, have no idea that institutions checking their credit often use another score that is … Continue reading

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Taxes & Quotes

One of the joys (see sarcasm dripping all around) of living in a foreign country is that you get to do taxes twice. While Japanese tax forms are not near as complicated as taxes in the US, the simplicity factor … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts – More Attempts To Improve

I wrote earlier that I had decided to incorporate a number of changes here because I felt that too many personal finance writers were merely cloning each other. One of the areas where I have really struggled is with carnivals. … Continue reading

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Items That Pay For Themselves

It’s always a nice break when I come across a piece written about personal finance or saving money that has a bit of humor in it (I think that is one aspect of personal finance education that is almost non … Continue reading

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Phones: Wireless Or Land Line?

With the expansion of cell phones and their ever decreasing costs, a lot of people wonder whether it’s better for their budget to have just a cell phone, just a land line phone or both. There is no black and … Continue reading

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I’d like to welcome Liz from Everyday Goddess as my first guest writer here. She has put together some excellent information about her experience of setting up and placing a loan request on auction (I also highly recommend her … Continue reading

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This Site Is More Important Than Sex!!

Okay, Nate isn’t going to believe it, but you read that correct. I’m sure you unconsciously knew it all the time, but there is a valid reason why you came to this site (and why you should tell all your … Continue reading

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Financial Challenge – Day 18

In our last Financial Challenge we searched the state data bases to see if we had any unclaimed money that we had forgotten about. We are going to continue along that theme today and search several Federal data bases which … Continue reading

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Getting A Prosper Loan

One of the things I would have liked to do is to both try and get a loan from Prosper and lend some money through Prosper just to be able to give a better account of how the system works, … Continue reading

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Financial Challenge – Day 16

In the last few Financial Challenges, we’ve hit on area such as cable TV, Internet service and long distance phone service where you may be able to find painless savings. Today we are going to take a look at a … Continue reading

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I received an email regarding my earlier introduction post about and whether it would be a good place to consolidate her credit card debt: …I have a little under $10,000 in credit card debt where I’m paying about 27% … Continue reading

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