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New Nickel Launched Today

The United States Mint launched the New nickel today which is the first circulating coin that features the image of a United States President facing forward. The coins used in circulation have depicted the profiles of presidents in the past. … Continue reading

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Oil & US Vulnerbility

I know little about the oil sector, but I do remember watching gas prices spike after Hurricane Katrina and an influx of people to the site looking for information on how to save money on gas. That’s why I read … Continue reading

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Free IBD Trial – Investor’s Business Daily

Investor’s Business Daily is offer a free week trial with only an email address until the 15th of this month Free IBD 1 Week Trial You can also get a 2 week free no obligation trial Free IBD 2 Week … Continue reading

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Praying To The God of Wealth

Had a great time (where else but in Japan can you get a squid on a stick?) and delivered the prayers to Ebisuten (the God of Wealth). squid on a stick Half the fun is the walk to the shrine … Continue reading

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Off To Ebessan

Tomorrow I’m off to ebessan (actually later this evening for all of you in the US). This is an annual festival at the beginning of the New Year dedicated to bring good money luck. It’s a three day festival and … Continue reading

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Just Win The Lottery

I cringe every time I see surveys with results like this. In a survey conducted by the Consumer Federation of America and the Financial Planning Association, people were asked what was the most practical way to accumulate several hundred thousand … Continue reading

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Giving Money – 2006 Tax Changes Part 1

I’m going to go through a number of tax changes that have taken place for 2006 over the next week and this will be part 1 in that series. The Gift of Money The amount that you are allowed to … Continue reading

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Money Carnivals

It’s Monday so that means that there are plenty of carnivals with a lot of good content around. Of course, the Carnival of Debt Reduction is being held here. Other carnivals of note where I have articles submitted: The Social … Continue reading

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Carnival of Debt Reduction #17

Welcome to the 17th installment of the Carnival of Debt Reduction. For more information about this carnival, you can go to Mighty Bargain Hunter to see the complete schedule with Frugal For Life (who always does an excellent job!) hosting … Continue reading

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Don’t Be A Lazy Borrower

As soon as I saw the post about Lazy Borrowers it reminded me of an experience I had in a store out here. There was a couple shopping for a huge flat screen TV at the same time I was … Continue reading

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Invest Time in the Biggies First

In continuation with my opinion that saving money is the best investment that most people can make, it makes sense to spend your time saving the greatest amount of money you can with the least amount of time and effort … Continue reading

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Money Quote – Steven Seagal

“Instead of getting married again, I’m going to find a woman I don’t like and just give her a house.” – Steven Seagal

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Poverty & A Color TV

An interesting article on msn by the Christian Science Monitor titled Poverty Now Comes With A Color TV. Well worth the read: “In terms of the items people have … it amazes me the number of people who are at … Continue reading

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$1 Million In 6 Months

I just stopped by the Million Dollar Homepage to see that he is merely $1000 away from his million dollar goal (I do this every once in awhile to beat myself over the head for not thinking of it myself). … Continue reading

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Dropped Money

I’ve always loved finding money ever since I was a kid (in reality, I just love to find “things” – it’s one of the reasons I’ve done well with ebay out here – I genuinely love going into old run … Continue reading

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Time To Refinance – But Not Your Home

If you were smart, you have already refinanced your home loan to a lower rate (and if you haven’t, then it’s time to get on the ball and do so), but with interest rates now rising, it’s not likely that … Continue reading

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Funny Money Friday #3

We’ve made it to the third week of “funny money” – a list of strange stories found in the news with a money theme of some kind that make you lean your head to the side and say “what???” If … Continue reading

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Bug In Blogger?

I was visiting over at All Things Financial when in the comments it came to my attention the the original All Things Financial hosted at blogger was no longer in his possession. Someone else was using it and put up … Continue reading

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Money Quote – Kenneth Branaugh

“Adults are just children who earn money.” – Kenneth Branaugh

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Fat Smokers Save You Money

I was wandering around the web looking for more information to add to Cost of Smoking when I can across this article about how Fat Smokers Save You Money. While this really doesn’t have anything to do with personal finance … Continue reading

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