Talking Gift Cards

talking gift cards

Coming soon to a store near you – talking gift cards. Arthur Blank & Co. will be introducing the Talking Gift Card, which will allow you to not only give a gift card, but also allow your to record a short personalized message to go along with the card. The Talking Gift Card contains a recordable voice chip mounted to the company’s patented RACĀ® Card.

The cards will be showcased at the beginning of next month at a San Diego trade show and are being marketed as offering “consumers a new and better way to express themselves.”

My opinion of gift cards is already well known and I see this as a gimmick that will get people to shell out more than the face value of t


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2 Responses to Talking Gift Cards

  1. Bill says:

    Ugh. Gift cards are not my favorite thing either. Even wrote about it myself yesterday.

    Last week I had to buy American Express gift cards as rewards for some of my employees. $2.95 fee per card for floating Amex the money until it’s used.

    Talking gifts can be neat. My three-year old loves his picture of him and his aunt that has a talking frame where she recorded a message for him. So, I can see where the talking gift card may be seen as neat by a lot of people.

  2. Russell says:

    Interest free loans to major congloromates? No thank you!

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