Talking Gift Cards

talking gift cards

Coming soon to a store near you – talking gift cards. Arthur Blank & Co. will be introducing the Talking Gift Card, which will allow you to not only give a gift card, but also allow your to record a short personalized message to go along with the card. The Talking Gift Card contains a recordable voice chip mounted to the company’s patented RAC® Card.

The cards will be showcased at the beginning of next month at a San Diego trade show and are being marketed as offering “consumers a new and better way to express themselves.”

My opinion of gift cards is already well known and I see this as a gimmick that will get people to shell out more than the face value of the card for no good reason. That fact that specialty gift cards like this are starting to be produced, however, goes to show that I continue to be in the minority on this issue.

On a more environmentally friendly note, Arthur Blank & Co. has also introduced Corn Cards. From their press release:

…CornCard USAâ„¢, a corn-based plastic card that uses corn, an annually renewable and domestically grown resource as an alternative to traditional petroleum-based plastic cards. CornCard USAâ„¢ is identical to traditional plastic cards in look, feel, and durability while offering the same reliability and functionality.

credit card made from corn

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2 Responses to Talking Gift Cards

  1. Bill says:

    Ugh. Gift cards are not my favorite thing either. Even wrote about it myself yesterday.

    Last week I had to buy American Express gift cards as rewards for some of my employees. $2.95 fee per card for floating Amex the money until it’s used.

    Talking gifts can be neat. My three-year old loves his picture of him and his aunt that has a talking frame where she recorded a message for him. So, I can see where the talking gift card may be seen as neat by a lot of people.

  2. Russell says:

    Interest free loans to major congloromates? No thank you!

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