IRS Tax Free File Now Available

IRS Free File

Free File is a program going on its
fourth year where a number of the top
tax software companies offer their
software for free to those filing taxes
through the Internal Revenue Service’s
website. Basically what happened was
that the IRS wanted more people to
file online because it costs them a lot
less and was going to develop their own tax software which scared the tax software companies (becasue if the IRS is offering free software, why would you buy other tax software?). Instead, the software companies agreed to allow their software to be used for free in the program to certain segments of the population and the IRS agreed not to develop its own tax software.

Last year there was


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5 Responses to IRS Tax Free File Now Available

  1. Caitlin says:

    I’m glad you wrote about this, I’ve been gathering info on all the online and download versions available (that also support mac) and the cheapest I found was 9.95 for fed + state and both e-filing. I had seen the 50k AGI free offering, but didn’t realize it was more prevalent too. Thanks!

  2. samerwriter says:

    Thanks for the post — I can’t figure out why e-file is not free for everyone. The mail-processing facilities must cost millions of dollars to run, and they probably scan in every tax form they receive. If the IRS can save that money, surely they can offer the ability to file for free over the web? The $50K AGI maximum seems capricious.

  3. Chas says:

    Taxpayers getting screwed again. My state, New Mexico, allows all users to file FREE at their Tax & Revenue website and has for some years now. I’ll keep mailing my return and wasting our tax dollars just because some bureaucrat or the Congress can’t act.

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  5. Paranoid Guy says:

    I will never efile because I refuse to provide my private information to the software companies. If the IRS provided an all-encompassing identification number which translated into my SSN,address,ect. (so I do not need to give ANY personal information to the companies) then I might free file/efile.

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