Emigrant Bonus Credit Card Coming?

Emigrant Direct American Dream Credit Card

Rumor in the forum has it that Emigrant Direct will be announcing a new bonus credit card offer later today that will pay rewards into your Emigrant account every 6 months. The reward level would be dependant on the amount you have in the account. We’ll see if this rumor proves true.


Emigrant Direct did launch their credit card this afternoon through Juniper Bank, but it didn’t turn out to be near as exciting as their interest rates. The card provides a 1.25% cash back (when other cards are providing as much as 5% on specific purchases) and requires a $10,000 balance. If your Emigrant Direct account falls below $10,000, your reward rate falls to 0.50%. Rather disappointing compared to what I had imagined when I first got wind of the rumor.

You can check out all the details of the card here

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7 Responses to Emigrant Bonus Credit Card Coming?

  1. Neo says:

    The Emigrant Direct web site has been updated to reflect the new American Dream Credit Card.


  2. And it’s a crappy 1.25% cash back card that requires you to keep 10k in your emigrant savings account.

  3. davis says:

    That sucks. There are at least a dozen other credit cards out there that pay better. I was hoping for more. I won’t be getting this one.

  4. Cap says:

    yeah.. that’s nothing spectacular.


  5. Neo says:

    I will be sticking with my Citibank card since it pays a higher %. If I get close to the $300/yr limit, I might consider getting another reward card.


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