Analyzing Promotions

One important aspect in getting your personal finances in order is being able to critically analyze offers that come to you to see whether or not they are a good deal. The offer come-ons often make it sound like there’s no way that it could be a bad deal, but it’s important to look at the details and your own circumstances to see if the offer is truly a good deal or something that will take money out of your pocket. Here is a recent one that came to my attention that first appeared to have promise and how I analyzed it.

If you have been reading my writings for any amount of time, you know that I’m one of that small minority that isn’t a big fan of gift cards. That be


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3 Responses to Analyzing Promotions

  1. Aaron says:

    One other thing to consider is the possibility of selling these gift cards on EBay or the like. You can usually get over 90% of the face value, espeically for places like home depot where contractors can use large-valued cards. Obviously e-bay fees and such need to be considered, but overall you may be able to increase your tax refund and get it in cash.

    Just a thought :-)

  2. Floyd says:

    Great article.

    I’ve a question, how do you get your PF Advice header to show different colors on each refresh?

  3. j consoli says:

    I will have a very large kitchen cabinet purchase from Home Depot (about 10,000) coming up in the next month. How quickly do you receive these “Home Depot Extra Bucks” as a refund? Also, is there a “limit” to the amount of “Home Depot Bucks” that you can receive as a part of your tax refund? My federal refund would be approx 10,000 this year.

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