Playing Games To Save Money

One of the most common emails I receive from readers is “what is the best way to save money?” While there are a lot of ways to go about doing this, trying to make the saving a fun game rather than a must do chore will go a long way into making the money saving task successful.

When my wife and I first began going out, she spent about $100 a month on telephone cards (this was before cell phones were omnipresent). I had started to collect telephone cards because they had nice designs and people would simply leave them on the phone when the card was used up. What I discovered was that many times there would still be a few minutes left on the card when people discarded them or sometimes people just forgot a fully loaded card. I started to give these cards with minutes still on them to her. When she asked where I was getting them all, I explained and we made a game out of it.

Japanese phone card
The 1st phonecard I found with money on it

Our telephone card game grew quite elaborate over time. We’d get a certain number of points depending on how much was on the phone cards we found and the design of the card with the winner at the end of the month getting a free meal from the loser. What made it successful was that it was a fun game for us to play, it kept us both ever watchful for telephone cards (a collection that now numbers in the thousands) and it ended up saving us $100 in purchased telephone cards a month.

There are numerous types of games you can play to help save money to either invest or pay down debt. Here are a few of the more common games:

Bargaining Game
Continue Payment Game
Money Jar Game
Never Seen Never Missed Game
$1 Spending Game
Brainstorm Game
Get It Free Game
Pay To Use Game
Double Your Money Game
Quit A Habit Game
Live A Raise Behind Game

By making saving money into a challenge and also enjoyable, it makes it a lot easier to save money. How you develop the game is limited only by your imagination. You know what motivates you best and incorporating those motivations into the game will also help make is successful.

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4 Responses to Playing Games To Save Money

  1. RS says:

    Sounds fun…I will have to look at some of these. Previously, the only game my wife and I played was “Spend It Fast.” Now we are a little better.

  2. Jonathan says:

    LOL. I know that game too! It’s much more fun than “Who’s Buying The Instant Ramen Tonight?”

  3. mapgirl says:

    These games are neat! I’ve never seen that site before.

    I still have a coin jar and I try to spend my change a lot but never seem to catch up. I should try to deposit it all one day. I don’t even know what my brick & mortar bank’s policy is on taking coins.

  4. mbhunter says:

    The SaveMoneyGames site is one of my favorites of your satellites … glad that you’re posting this.

    Thanks for contributing this post to the Carnival of Debt Reduction!

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