Funny Money Friday #4

Welcome to the fourth installment of the funny money – this week has a decidedly “criminals without a clue” feel to it – for all those aspiring to join the criminal ranks, here are a few good lessons on what not to do :

Counterfeiters Clog Toilet – Use baggies to relieve themselves for a week – ummm, wouldn’t it have been less messy in the long run to throw them into the fireplace?

Thief Takes Stolen Earrings Back To Store For Appraisal – guess he didn’t believe the description

Bank Robber’s “FINDME” License Plates Do Him In – note to all thieves: vanity plates are not a good idea

Man Tries To Rob Bank By Phone – sorry, it just doesn’t produce the same urgency as a gun in the face

Robber Caught For Not Washing – Before you paint your face blue, make sure that it’ll all come off…

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