Electronic Tax Filing Begins Today

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Electronic IRS Debuts Today

Beginning today, taxpayers may file their 2005 tax returns electronically. This marks the 20th anniversary of being able to file taxes electronically. Electronic filing began as a pilot project in three cities: Cincinnati, Ohio, Phoenix, Ariz., and Raleigh-Durham, N.C. with 25,000 tax returns filed electronically that year. The e-file program expanded nationwide in 1990 and 4.2 million tax returns were filed. Last year 52% of all returns were filed electronically – a total of more than 68.4 million.

“Last year, more than half of the nation’s taxpayers used IRS e-file. This year, we hope even more people will consider filing electronically. It


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One Response to Electronic Tax Filing Begins Today

  1. RS says:

    How can this start so early? I haven’t received any of my tax docs yet at all?

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