Off To Ebessan

Tomorrow I’m off to ebessan (actually later this evening for all of you in the US). This is an annual festival at the beginning of the New Year dedicated to bring good money luck. It’s a three day festival and the news has been showing people throwing piles of money and praying for good monetary luck this year. I’m off to so the same tomorrow. Of course, I’ll bring back photos and let you all know about it.

I’m writing this a day early because if you want me to pray for monetary luck for you this year, I’ll throw in a coin for you and relay your wish along with mine. Just leave a comment here and I’ll be sure to pass it along to the God of Money for you (^_^)

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5 Responses to Off To Ebessan

  1. Cap says:

    thats pretty neat. I always want to see how one of those festival is like.. eating the food.. playin the games.. and ringing that rope w/ bell.

    that’s what it is right? or am I totally off here. have fun!

  2. Caitlin says:

    I love the idea! Count me in. I wish for a 50% increase in financial inflows for both me and my partner this year over last year 🙂 — if that’s too nerdy and specific a wish for prosperity will do me just fine. Thanks!

  3. Joshua K says:

    I probably didn’t make it in time, but I pray for a the most increase my wife and I can get.

    We also pray for additional resources for those who nature robbed last year.

  4. pfadvice says:

    Nope, not too late. I’m off in about 5 minutes. Will pass along your wishes to the God of Wealth!

  5. NerdMoney says:

    This sounds awesome!

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