Giving Money – 2006 Tax Changes Part 1

I’m going to go through a number of tax changes that have taken place for 2006 over the next week and this will be part 1 in that series.

The Gift of Money

The amount that you are allowed to give away to an idividual in 2006 increased $1,000 from $11,000 to $12,000 without having to report the gift to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This gift is not limited to a single person. You can give up to $12,000 to as many different people as you want without being taxed.

If you’re married, you can give up to $24,000 to one person as a couple – $12,000 from each of you. The IRS, however, will require you to file a gift-tax return to show that each of you is using your $12,000


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2 Responses to Giving Money – 2006 Tax Changes Part 1

  1. NerdMoney says:

    “This exclusion is important because gift taxes can be as high as 46% of the gift once these numbers are exceeded.”

    Which is ridiculous.

  2. Hbrumskine says:

    Some very good things for tax filers to keep in mind. Tax time is almost here

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