Dropped Money

I’ve always loved finding money ever since I was a kid (in reality, I just love to find “things” – it’s one of the reasons I’ve done well with ebay out here – I genuinely love going into old run down antique stores and rummaging through all their boxes to see if I can find a treasure among all the junk – but back to coins). My dream retirement is to live near the beach and get up every morning to go for a walk with a metal detector in hand and beach comb with a dog by my side.

I’ve always searched for coins since I can remember. I’ve had years where I have been much more focused than others, but I can safely say I pick up a minimum


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6 Responses to Dropped Money

  1. Chris says:

    Excellent stuff, and thanks for the plug. Sadly, the coin I found was not a Japanese 10 Yen, but my research continues. Thanks for the thoughts, though. Keep up the good work!

  2. Caitlin says:

    Great article!

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  5. aaron says:

    i found 8 1000Y bills on the ground last night on the way to a pub. they were all scattered in one area. i suspect whoever dropped it was probably at least a little drunk. maybe i should go walk around at night more often

  6. Tim says:

    my “Special device” for under vending machines is a thick yardstick from a hardware store. Laundromats will gladly offer to split your finds and allow you under all washers and dryers (ask them if they will sweep up behind you) Car wash Vaccuum machines are my hotspot, they let you clean them for free and you keep the rings, and coins(rubber gloves and a digging tool do the trick in easy manner.

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