Fat Smokers Save You Money

I was wandering around the web looking for more information to add to Cost of Smoking when I can across this article about how Fat Smokers Save You Money. While this really doesn’t have anything to do with personal finance per se (unless you want to count that you are giving the government a lot of extra money by passing away too soon), it was an interesting read so I thought it was worth sharing.

Chain smokers and obese people represent a great deal for us taxpayers, because they generally pay into Social Security and Medicare for years and then drop dead before collecting the benefits. Smoking doesn’t cost taxpayers money. It costs lives…

Probably the biggest problem with the “smokers and fat guys cost us money” argument is that such calculations never include the health care costs of people who don’t smoke and aren’t fat. If somebody doesn’t smoke or eat too much, that doesn’t mean she’ll live forever without any health problems. It just means that she’ll die of some other costly health care problem, probably later in life when she’s on a taxpayer-funded health plan (Medicare). In fact, it can be even more expensive for us if she doesn’t smoke or eat too much. Think of the costs of long-term care for Alzheimers versus the costs of a heart attack.

There are a lot of valid points in the argument, but if you smoke, you’re still costing yourself a lot more than if you didn’t.

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5 Responses to Fat Smokers Save You Money

  1. SMB says:

    Well,at least maybe this article will make obese people and/or smokers so angry that they do something about their health! 🙂

  2. Nick says:

    And here I am trying to convince my friends to lose weight and quit smoking. Everyone’s getting food and cigarettes next Christmas!

  3. How To Be Poor says:

    Awesome! Any fat, inactive, reckless-driving, asbestos-mine-working chain-smokers out there?

  4. Jonathan says:

    Lung cancer treatments ain’t cheap either 😉

  5. Dus10 says:

    It does not take into account that a greater portion of smokers and the obese are poor, and drain our tax funds in the form of welfare and food stamps. I call the taxes on cigarettes, lottery tickets, and liquor the “poor tax” because they tend to be the largest group that pays into these taxes. Maybe lottery funds should go to pay for welfare and food stamps and cigarette and liquor funds should go to pay for medicaid…

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