Personal Finance Writers Net Worth – December 2005

While I have had fun doing this the last few months, this will be the last one of these that I put together. While I enjoy doing it, with the increase in the number of people keeping track of their finances on the Internet it’s getting too time consuming to gather all the data when I have so many other items on my list to do. I’m not sure if anyone else will pick this up, but it seems to be fitting to end it at the end of 2005.

Here is the list in alphabetical order:

Financial Bloggers Net Worth Change
2 Million $206,990.00 +$3,540
Alpha Guy $32,424.00 +$1,394.00
Boston Gal’s Open Wallet $363,243.50 Not Updated
Captain Arbyte $333,527.97 -$6,654.61
Chrees’ World $448,532.00 +$12,688.00
Clutter 2 Cash $211,365.00 +$21,010.00
Consumerism Commentary $39,357.85 +$247.49
Financial Baby Steps $2,844.80 +$475.05
It’s Your Money $81,218.00 Not Updated
I Want A House $17,606.73 +$4,215.35
Million Dollar Goal $23,797.92 +$1,588.58
MMB’s Personal Finance Journal $187,132.00 Not Updated
My Money Blog $87,729.00 +$399.00
My Open Wallet $252,462.00 Not Updated
Neo’s Nest Egg $104429.00 -$58,108.00
New Age Personal Finance $77,960.48 +$6,953.24
NYCMoney $706,500.00 +$6,500.00
Personal Finance Progress $11,231.00 Not Updated
PFBlog $400,548.00 +$6,250
Retire At 30 $13,728.14 Not Updated
Savvy Saver $121,793.00 +$8,346.00
Simplify My Life $15,432.19 Not Updated
Single Guy Money $25,540.28 +$4047.66
Sparing Change $15,458.00 Not Updated
Tired But Happy $90.009.00 +$151.00
Zorro’s Retirement $69,647.49 +$1,715.01

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7 Responses to Personal Finance Writers Net Worth – December 2005

  1. Neo says:

    Thanks so much for putting this together these past few months. It has been fun seeing where I stand against the fellow PF blogger.

    As for maintaining this listing in the future, I would be happy to do that. I already have this list plus another dozen that have sent me their data to be placed on the bar chart. BTW – The bar chart will be posted to my blog in a couple days once a few more bloggers have submitted their numbers.


  2. Caitlin says:

    Just to clarify, 20k of my increase was due to an annual adjustment of my home value. Thanks for putting it together!

  3. MM says:

    Thanks. This is a great list!

  4. Zorro's Steno says:

    Thanks again for this months numbers. It’d be great to see a link of all the net worths from the past few months…maybe in your pull down menu.

  5. Chrees says:

    Thanks for pulling this together, this month and in the past!

  6. Neo says:

    Since I am more of a visual person, I entered the net worth percent changes for the past four months (when available) of personal finance bloggers and created the following graph:


  7. Neo says:

    Concerning the net worth challenge – if you are interested in participating, please drop by the following web site to get more details. For the time being, if you can post (at the below URL) your 2006 end of year goal, we might be using that information as part of the challenge.

    Stay tuned for more details!


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