December Profits From Sat Sites

It was a tough month and the average for the 15 sat sites that were up for the entire month came to $39.09. That compares to the $54.09 average last month for the 10 sites that had been up an entire month. I knew that the average would fall to some degree due to adding 5 new ones into the average that had only been up a month. On the bright side, even though most sites earned less than the previous month, by adding the new sites we actually earned more overall from the sat sites than we did in November (it would have really been a disastrous month had we only had the same number of sites up)

There was one bright spot in that one of the newbies has done extremely well for only being up a month with earnings of over $80 this past month. I just need to figure out how to pick more sites like that!

Satellite December profits

Earning Rank Nov. Change
1 $141.46 -$41.97
2 $90.64 +$25.49
3 $80.12 N/A
4 $69.75 -$11.63
5 $35.35 -$11.88
6 $35.09 -$15.25
7 $32.40 -$9.36
8 $24.06 N/A
9 $21.87 -$3.72
10 $15.51 +$4.84
11 $12.50 -$0.02
12 $12.43 -$10.35
13 $10.00 N/A
14 $4.64 N/A
15 $0.93 N/A

As can be seen, there is a lot or red in the amounts they produced compared to last month. All the new sites earned relatively little being up only part of the month. They will be added into the full average next month which will probably mean a further drop in the overall average per site.

I was able to put up 4 new sites in December. Not as many as I had hoped for, but with the holidays and other commitments, it was to be expected. Hopefully I can make a stronger showing in that department for January. here are the results for the new sites:

New Sites

Earning Rank Dec. Change
1 $5.32 N/A
2 $1.71 N/A
3 $0.26 N/A
4 $0.25 N/A

I’ll have to wait and see if December was a one time slow down due to the holidays and people being away from their computers or something that I will have to address going into the New Year. It certainly will make this year a challenge.

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2 Responses to December Profits From Sat Sites

  1. Caitlin says:

    Credit Card Condom? Was that the big success?

  2. pfadvice says:

    Actually, it was one of the worst performers — goes to show you can never tell how the niche sites are going to do since I thought it would do great.

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