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Christmas Carnival

For those of you looking for a little reading beyond persona finances with the holidays now here may be interested in the Carnival of Christmas – while I do have an entry about money, most are far off the subject … Continue reading

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Should We Expect Double Digit Returns?

In today’s investing environment, should we expect yearly double digit returns? I ask this because so many people use the 10% historical average that the S&P 500 has returned over its history when doing calculations on compound interest. While there … Continue reading

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For New Yorkers

Money magazine is looking for people living in New York to help and interview on the following subjects: Would your family like to purchase a big-ticket item this year — a big screen TV, a new car? Have you not … Continue reading

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After Christmas Preparations To Save Money

I know, Christmas hasn’t even arrived, but if you want to make next Christmas a lot less hectic, it’s worthwhile to take a few minutes and go through the areas that caused problems or extra spending this Christmas while they … Continue reading

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Money Quote – Socrates

“He is richest who is content with the least.” – Socrates

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Internet Connection Solved

We have had a problem with our Internet connection for the last 6 months. Most of the time it works, but there would be periods where it would go out for hours, even days, and we couldn’t gain access. It … Continue reading

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$20 Challenge 2006

I’m preparing the $20 challenge for 2006. Last year Nate challenged me to try and make $5,000 in 6 months in my spare time beginning with only $20 and that was how the challenge was born. While I only made … Continue reading

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Bunches of Carnivals

I submitted to a number of carnivals this past week, something that I haven’t done for a couple of weeks becasue I’d been working on some other goals. The carnivals always give a nice variety of reading on the subject … Continue reading

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The Pitfalls Of 0% Offers

With the holiday season also comes a lot of opportunities to get 0% financing on a variety of high ticket items. While these can be great ways to save money if you were planning to purchase the item anyway, they … Continue reading

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Money Quote – May West

“A man has one hundred dollars and you leave him with two dollars, that’s subtraction.” – Mae West

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Bank of America Deposit Goof

Bank of America is apologizing to customers for a system error that kept direct deposits from showing up in their accounts. If you’re a Bank of America customer and this has affected you, mark it down in your calendar or … Continue reading

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Best Investment Part II

Earlier I argued that the best investment that the majority of people can make is learning how to save money and referred to it as Ugly Duckling Investing. The reasons I see saving as such an important investment is because: … Continue reading

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Why Credit Card Condoms Work

When I made the post about credit card condoms earlier, I received a couple of emails telling me basically it was a “stupid gimmick” that was of little use. While it may appear to be so to some and certainly … Continue reading

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Frugal Gardening

This is our latest in the series of sat sites we’re putting together: Although this one isn’t completely done, I’m making it live because it will be built over a period of time. The sections have been broken down … Continue reading

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Renting Christmas Trees

I came across an article in usatoday about the city of San Francisco renting Christmas Trees. The trees aren’t your typical Christmas evergreen, but a variety of different trees that will be taken from your house and planted after the … Continue reading

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31%+ Credit Card Interest Rates

It is more important than ever to play by the rules with your credit card as punitive rates (punitive rates are those charged when you miss a payment, go over your credit limit, have your credit score deteriorate, etc and … Continue reading

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Financial Juggling Part II

I mentioned a few days ago that I would need to do some financial juggling this month. With the half way mark here, the current income only confirms what I had talked about previously. Looking at the first half numbers, … Continue reading

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Now Is Not The Time To Be Buying I-Bonds

The Consumer Price Index came in at a -0.6% for the month of November – the biggest monthly decrease in 56 years – mainly due to a large drop in gasoline prices. I wrote about just this scenario when I … Continue reading

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Saving Money Is Cultural

I came across an interesting article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that claims that for Latino and African-American minorities, lack of saving is a cultural issue: The notion of a planned retirement is relatively new for African-Americans and Hispanics who … Continue reading

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Money Quote – Socrates

“He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have.” – Socrates

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