Funny Money Friday 2

Welcome to the second installment of Funny Money Friday – true money related stories. If you come across more funny money stories, be sure to leave a comment or trackback to share with others.

$68 Million Scammed From IRS By Inmates – What are they going to do? Put them in jail?

$175 A Pound Coffee That’s Been Places – Do you really want to know what gives it that “tangy” flavor?

Fake Money Stolen From Bank – Wouldn’t have just been easier to print monopoly money?

Robbing Banks A family Affair With a sister like that, who needs enemies?

Thieves Leave Photos For Police – Damn, I knew I forgot something…


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2 Responses to Funny Money Friday 2

  1. jic says:

    That civet coffee story has been popping up in various places for at least 15 years.

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