Change In Plans II

I got about 40 fixed price listings up and we’ll see how they do over the next week. Three have already sold, so let’s hope that trend continues. I’m not completely done with them, however. I listed an bunch without description’s so I need to go back and fill that information in. For the true collectors it won’t make a difference as they will know what they’re getting from simply looking at the photos. For those who don’t collect, however, a description goes a long way to sell them. I just wanted to make sure I got them all up before the discounted ended so I opted to do it this way. So I will go back through and add descriptions over the next couple


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2 Responses to Change In Plans II

  1. Mike says:

    I used to sell on Ebay, buying stuff from Japan yahoo and selling it on Ebay. My record I think was selling a “jutte” for over $400 which I bought for around 5000 yen.

    Why don’t you consider a subscription based area of your site? For example $20 a year to a restriced area of your site. This would stabilize your income over time.

  2. pfadvice says:

    While we have considered a subscription in the past, it just doesn’t make sense at this time. We figure we could probably get 100 subscriptions or so, but that only equates to about $166 extra a month. The problem comes in that if we made a paid area, then we’d have to make it worth being paid for – which we could easily do, but it would take a decent amount of time. For the amount we’d make, it wouldn’t be worth it. Maybe when we get a bit larger, but I’d rather not go that route if possible.

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