$4.95 Stock Trades, No Minimums –

For those who do their own stock trading, there is a new low cost trader in town that might be worth checking out:

We don’t have a pricing structure, we have a price.

For stock trades, we charge $4.95 per trade. For option trades, we charge $4.95 per trade, plus 65 cents per contract. That’s it.

At TradeKing, we charge the same rates to everyone – beginner or expert, large account or small, regardless of how often you trade with us, for both Market and Limit orders, with no hidden fees. We think that’s fair and simple.

The management team is the original team that created SureTrade. With the cost of stock trades slowly inching up over the past few years, it’s good to see another discounter come into the competition.

2 thoughts on “$4.95 Stock Trades, No Minimums –

  1. I’m opening up a MB Trading brokerage account. The only problem is the user can only trade with the software.

  2. Trade King is really nice for standard stock buying and options. They are a little slow and pricey on penny stocks, that being said I trust them alot more than any of the other penny-stock specialty houses (ie; Trading Direct etc.).
    TradeKing’s customer service is amazing! I’ve never had to hold very long or get a call back, and they always take care of issues virtually immediately!

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