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Change In Plans

I hate it when eBay does this – they announce their discounts for listing items a few hours before the day they take place. Of course they do it for an obvious reason – if they announced it any farther ahead, people would just wait until that day to list all their items. So I received an email a few hours ago saying all listings will be $0.10 today. For those that list fairly expensive items, this can be quite a bit of savings and a good time to list items that you want to test without risking much money. So the plans I had for today have been thrown out the window and I will be concentrating on getting auctions up.

I would prefer to pass on this, but since December has been a terrible month for us in advertising revenue I have to make it up somewhere. I’ll have to list items no matter what, so I might as well list the now when the price is right. The goal will be to put up about $2000 worth of items today and hope that half of them sell. That will allow me to concentrate on the this business for the rest of the month without having to worry about having enough money come in.

So, I’m off to list auctions. Wish me luck

8 thoughts on “Change In Plans

  1. good luck! christmas eve was the lowest ever for a long time, but things have been picking up very quickly from christmas day – this in terms of adsense. this has surprised me a little.

    great for not having to do anything except to enjoy my holiday!

  2. Will, traffic tails off over the holidays as fewer people are surfing the web. However, I noticed the same thing that Mike did… Things bottomed out on Christmas Eve, but Christmas picked back up again.

  3. Things have picked up again for us too, but the entire month of December has been significantly slower (several hundred dollars) than November was for us. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the numbers kick back up in January…

  4. Multiple streams of income… not that I make a bucket full. But always good. Best of luck.
    Also post your ebay listing somewhere, we might want to bid on something

  5. While we continue to work on multiple streams, advertising comprises a majority of our current income with adsense holding about a 50% share of that. So when those numbers go down, it hurts. It’s not a terrible situation as I can make up the lost revenue on ebay, but it means I have to spend time doing things other than on the site.

    You are more than welcome to take a look at my auctions, but most of them are geared toward hard core collectors and probably would be of little interest to most people here…

    Current Items For Sale

  6. Good thing you were able to take advantage of the listing fee sale…I was flying back home and missed my window. Oh well. Good luck with your auctions!

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