Negotiating When Things Go Wrong

I wrote back on the 20th about our Internet connection finally being fixed after getting the run around for months. I’m happy to report we haven’t had any problems since then with the connection and my wife had a little chat with a representative from the phone company. It resulted in 3 free months (about $150 value).

While the free service is nice, I would have gladly given it back if we had never had the problem in the first place. Never knowing when we could get on was not only frustrating, but extremely stressing and certainly not worth the money we will now be saving. That being said, when something goes wrong you should always make sure the the company understands where the


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3 Responses to Negotiating When Things Go Wrong

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  2. Cap says:

    I was thinking.. aren’t Internet services pretty much monoplized in Japan?

    staying calm is a good idea, I always see people going nuts on customer service reps, but its generally not that particular person’s fault.

  3. pfadvice says:

    “I was thinking.. aren’t Internet services pretty much monopolized in Japan?”

    There is certainly not the selection that you have in the US, but there is some competition. The problem is that switching to a different phone line provider where we live would be prohibitively expensive – about $700 for the switch (don’t ask why…just the way it is)

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