Funny Money

I think it’s important to bring the lighter side of money out whenever possible so I’m going to begin a weekly “funny money” section. Basically, it’ll be random strange news items I find each week that have a money theme. Hopefully they will bring you all some laughs:

Polite Bank Robber Waits To Get Arrested

School Receives $2,500 Check For 1973 Vandalism

$1.7 Million Diamond Studded Cake

Santa Pays Other People’s Parking Tickets

Boy Fakes Own Kidnapping For Money

$15,000 Ring Left In Unlocked Car By Forlorn Lover

Diamond Thrown In Trash

10 Year Old Counterfeits Money

Woman Argues Fetus 2nd Person For Car Pool Lane

Bugatti Veyron Most Expensive Car At $1 Million

Amish Man Loses $67,000 In Sex Scam

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