Bank of America Deposit Goof

Bank of America is apologizing to customers for a system error that kept direct deposits from showing up in their accounts. If you’re a Bank of America customer and this has affected you, mark it down in your calendar or someplace else where you can easily remember and reference it. Why? Because you know that they aren’t going to give anything more than an apology for the error (whereas if you had made an inadvertent mistake with your account, you would have likely been charged a big fee along with other penalties). If you do make a mistake in the future and need something resolved, you can bring up this incident as a bargaining chip in your negotiations to try and get the problem resolved. Will it work? That’s anyone’s guess, but it won’t hurt your cause and will likely get a bit more of the manager’s attention.

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  1. Nick says:

    When I opened checking and savings accounts online with them a couple of months ago, they “forgot” to credit my opening deposits. Took me ten hours of phone calls and stalking bank CSRs to get it resolved.

    Oddly enough, my paycheck directly deposited last Friday without any problem. I guess I don’t get to blackmail them with anything next time they hassle me. 🙁

  2. Sean says:

    Perhaps your post should have read, “…kept direct deposite **from** showing up in their accounts.” A bit confusing at first, until I read the linked article.

  3. pfadvice says:

    That’s what I get for writing these late at night….

  4. …Bank of America is not making me happy.

    My first debit card purchase after opening the account and making sure money was in it was to buy gas (AFTER calling the phone number from our home phone to activate the cards) — so the next time I went to use the debit card (and my husband) it just refused to accept the password.

    After I made sure the problem wasn’t mine, my husband called Bank of America — to discover tha they had thought my gas purchase fradulent and thus shut down our debit cards! And never bothered to tell us. Just let us find out when we tried to use them. Luckily we had not closed our old account yet. It took us 10 days after the gas purchase before I was able to get a hold of them and go “Yes, I bought gas in the amount of X” — they had to know the amount too to mkae sure it wasn’t fradulent. Aigh! Luckily it was gas so I could look that up somewhat.

    then today, the last check of the day I wrote they are giving the stores an error message “Check limit exceeded” — I have a limit to the number of checks I can write? That doesn’t sound right at all!

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