Why Credit Card Condoms Work

When I made the post about credit card condoms earlier, I received a couple of emails telling me basically it was a “stupid gimmick” that was of little use. While it may appear to be so to some and certainly isn’t for everyone, for some people it does actually work. An email I received today:

I wanted to thank you for providing the free credit card condom. I have always been one to impulse shop and then regret buying the things afterward. I printed out the credit card condom and it has kept me from buying a number of things that I would have had I not been reminded that I really didn’t need it…

Thank you – Jennifer P.

A recent Money Magazine article gives


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2 Responses to Why Credit Card Condoms Work

  1. Michael says:

    I think it is a great idea – it might not work for everyone, but for impulse shoppers it could work well.

    On the “condom” you could even include a space for people write their current credit card balance.

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