Frugal Gardening

This is our latest in the series of sat sites we’re putting together: Although this one isn’t completely done, I’m making it live because it will be built over a period of time. The sections have been broken down into months thus far with the first four finished (January – April. I actually wanted to go live with six, but have been having a lot of ISP problems out here the last few days and haven’t been able to connect more than a couple of hours a day. Let’s hope this problem is solved asap). This will allow me to add the other months as they approach to give it new content and hopefully get some people to return on a monthly basis.

I figured this would be a decent theme since gardening is the number one hobby in the US and coming up with ways to save money should be of interest to many of the people who garden out there. I”m not sure if I completely like the monthly breakdown and may switch to theme based section (or possibly have both). This is one of those that I can probably add as much information as I have time as it can grow in a lot of different ways.

This should eventually be a good, solid income producer once it has been indexed well. I also think that there will be a good chance of attracting advertisers once it has been up for awhile. I’ll continue to play with this one as I work on getting the other up.

No time like the present to begin working on the next one…

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