Financial Juggling Part II

I mentioned a few days ago that I would need to do some financial juggling this month. With the half way mark here, the current income only confirms what I had talked about previously.

Looking at the first half numbers, we’re going to come in about $500 below what we did last month – maybe a bit more since I believe traffic will be even lighter the last week of the month. While I know that part of it is because I’ve been devoting time to other things, I don’t think that is all of it. We also had a number of mentions in the media during November which we haven’t in December and those increased hits we can’t count on unless we can figure out a way to get more mentions in the media in the future.

I will have to do some more eBay to make up for the shortfall. I did about $150 in sales last week, so will have to do another $350 or so in the next 2 weeks to even things out. I should be able to accomplish that with about 15 or so auctions meaning I’ll need to devote an afternoon to taking photos, uploading them and writing the auction descriptions. I’d much rather stay focused on the sites, but what has to be done, has to be done.

While overall the picture has been pretty dismal, there is one bright spot. We got a couple of new advertisers on the main site, one of which may turn into a long term relationship. I’m definitely keeping my fingers crossed there.

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3 Responses to Financial Juggling Part II

  1. Michael says:

    Selling stuff on Ebay was the first way I made money on the Internet. How I wish I had of discovered Adsense and affiliate programs at that time! I loved doing it, but as you say it takes a lot of time. I finally gave up after I grew tired of chasing payments and going to the post office every second day.

  2. Jonathan says:

    Sounds stressful. 🙁 How many hours do you put in a week on your sites, ignoring eBay time?

  3. pfadvice says:

    How many hours do you put in a week on your sites, ignoring eBay time?

    How many hours are there in a week and you have your answer 😉 I’ve never counted, but I spend the vast majority of my time working on the sites now.

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