Done! (finally)

I finally finished the latest of the sat sites: Hybrid Car Tax Deduction. This is another one of those that is a big question mark on how it’s going to perform. I’m hoping that it gets a lot of traffic from January through April with people needed information in regard to the tax season that can make it worth having the entire year.

There are a couple of reasons I decided to give this one a try. While the bigger sites devoted to cars and hybrid cars that I really can’t compete against – including a lot of information on the tax deductions, it’s almost all in single articles. I felt that if I created a separate page for each type of hybrid car, I would have a chance to capture search engine traffic from the many people who input the car model and tax deduction. I also felt that there was potential since we have had fairly good advertising on our other car related site and I’m hoping that it spills over onto this site.

This is probably one of the most focused sat sites we’ve put together and I’m not sure whether that will end up being a good or bad thing in the long run. At this point, I’m just happy that I got it finished 😉

This brings our total to 17 sat sites plus the 2 blogs and the main site for a nice round 20. We still have a long way to go to make this all work, but we’re getting there slowly but surely. Nate and I have been talking about goals for next year (I’ll make another post about that when we focus them a bit more) and it looks like it’s going to be an extremely ambitious year. We have come to the conclusion that we’re another full year of hard work to getting to the starting point of both of us working full time in this area and we’re going to go for it over the 12 months of 2006.

So I guess it’s off to begin putting together content for the next one…

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  1. Zorro's Steno says:

    I’ve heard lately that some people are actually measuring their MPG of their hybrids, and they’re not coming close to what is advertised. It’ll be interesting to see if anything happens. I guess that tax deduction is suppose to make up for it.

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