Emigrant Direct $20 Bonus Offer

If you have been waiting for a good reason to open up an Emigrant Direct online account (4.0% interest, $1 minimum, no fees, no hidden charges), now you have one – especially if you have extra ING invites that you don’t think you will use. For those who sign up for a new Emigrant account through our main site, we will convert the bonuses on 2 of you ING account referrals (that’s $20 directly in to your ING account!) or a $10 paypal payment or Amazon gift card, whichever you prefer.

If you don’t currently have an ING account (3.75%, no minimums or hidden fees), you can Open an ING savings account (note, this link will not give you a $25 bonus, but you can open an account with $1) with a $1 minimum or if you initially deposit . If you open the account with $250, you can earn a $25 bonus from ING (please use the special links to earn the $25 bonus) and then up to another $20 by opening the Emigrant Direct account.

We will be offering the $20 ING option on a first come, first served basis. As we expect this to be quite popular and can only convert a certain number of ING bonuses per month, those who sign up first will have a better chance of receiving the ING $20 bonus. If at any time we can’t fulfill the ING bonuses in under 1 month, you will have the choice of a $10 bonus from paypal or Amazon.

Please feel free to ask any question and we’ll try to answer them promptly.

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