Personal Finance Net Worth % Change Ranking – November 2005

It was suggested in an email that following the percentage change in the net worth of the personal finance writers would be a good way to compare how they did against each other during the month. While it isn’t a perfect comparison, it is a slightly better comparison than the net worth ranking on how each is doing.

Here is the October to November 2005 net worth % change ranking

Rank Site Net Worth % Change
1 Million Dollar Goal +18.277%
2 New Age PF +12.420%
3 PFBlog +11.486%
4 Consumerism Commentary +9.360%
5 Single Guy Money +8.537%
6 Captain Arbyte +8.481%
7 Alpha Guy +6.812%
8 Savvy Saver +6.576%
9 Neo’s Nest Egg +5.165%
10 2 Million +4.404%
11 MMB’s Personal Finance Journal +3.848%
12 MyMoneyBlog +3.312%
13 My Open Wallet +3.187%
14 Clutter 2 Cash +2.733%
15 Zorro’s Retirement +2.727%
16 NYC Money +2.286%
17 Financial Baby Steps +2.212%
18 Boston Gal’s Open Wallet +2.092%
19 Chrees’ World +1.886%

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6 Responses to Personal Finance Net Worth % Change Ranking – November 2005

  1. Caitlin says:

    I dig it! thanks for wrangling it all :)

  2. Chrees says:

    Woo hoo! I’m last in percent :)

    Thanks for pulling all this together! I like to look at other formats and info posted by the other bloggers–it helps me refine what I’m doing.

  3. Neo says:

    Since I am more of a visual person, I entered the net worth percent changes for the past three months (when available) of personal finance bloggers and created the following graph:


  4. Chrees says:

    Hey, not that I’m complaining because I would still be in last place, but you might want to doublecheck your percentages. My percentage increase was 1.89 percent. It may just be a stutter of the finger due to having to enter so many numbers! Just want to look good in future months! *lol*

    It probably doesn’t help that we all have different ways of presenting the data. If there is anything we can do to make it easier for you, let us know.

  5. pfadvice says:

    damn fingers…. 😉 changed

  6. I’m in the top 5…Woohoo

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