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Personal Finance Net Worth % Change Ranking – November 2005

It was suggested in an email that following the percentage change in the net worth of the personal finance writers would be a good way to compare how they did against each other during the month. While it isn’t a perfect comparison, it is a slightly better comparison than the net worth ranking on how each is doing.

Here is the October to November 2005 net worth % change ranking

Rank Site Net Worth % Change
1 Million Dollar Goal +18.277%
2 New Age PF +12.420%
3 PFBlog +11.486%
4 Consumerism Commentary +9.360%
5 Single Guy Money +8.537%
6 Captain Arbyte +8.481%
7 Alpha Guy +6.812%
8 Savvy Saver +6.576%
9 Neo’s Nest Egg +5.165%
10 2 Million +4.404%
11 MMB’s Personal Finance Journal +3.848%
12 MyMoneyBlog +3.312%
13 My Open Wallet +3.187%
14 Clutter 2 Cash +2.733%
15 Zorro’s Retirement +2.727%
16 NYC Money +2.286%
17 Financial Baby Steps +2.212%
18 Boston Gal’s Open Wallet +2.092%
19 Chrees’ World +1.886%

6 thoughts on “Personal Finance Net Worth % Change Ranking – November 2005

  1. Woo hoo! I’m last in percent 🙂

    Thanks for pulling all this together! I like to look at other formats and info posted by the other bloggers–it helps me refine what I’m doing.

  2. Hey, not that I’m complaining because I would still be in last place, but you might want to doublecheck your percentages. My percentage increase was 1.89 percent. It may just be a stutter of the finger due to having to enter so many numbers! Just want to look good in future months! *lol*

    It probably doesn’t help that we all have different ways of presenting the data. If there is anything we can do to make it easier for you, let us know.

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