Personal Finance Bloggers Net Worth – November 2005

The number of personal finance writers tracking their net worth for the world to see continues to grow by the month. There were 2 removed from the list because the monthly financial numbers had not been updated for two months: Debt Free (who has retired) and Capital Ideas. While we lost two, we did gain several new entries: Chrees’ World, It’s Your Money, I Want A House, Retire At 30, Savvy Saver, Simplify My Life, Sparing Change, Tired But Happy and Zorro’s Retirement . November was kind to most of the writers with lots of green in the month to month net worth columns. Here is the list in alphabetical order:

Financial Bloggers Net Worth Change
2 Million $203,450.92 +$8,582.87
Alpha Guy $31,030.00 +$1,979.00
Boston Gal’s Open Wallet $363,243.50 +$7,444.15
Captain Arbyte $340,182.58 +$26,594.83
Chrees’ World $436,444.00 +$8,081.02
Clutter 2 Cash $190,275.00 +$5,063.00
Consumerism Commentary $39,320.30 +$3,365.51
Financial Baby Steps $2,369.80 +$51.29
It’s Your Money $81,218.00 NEW
I Want A House $13,392.00 NEW
Million Dollar Goal $22,209.34 +$3,431.78
MMB’s Personal Finance Journal $187,132.00 +$6,933.28
My Money Blog $87,330.00 +$2,800.00
My Open Wallet $252,462.00 +$7,797.49
Neo’s Nest Egg $162,537.00 +$7,982.00
New Age Personal Finance $71,007.24 +$7,844.67
NYCMoney $700,000.00 +$16,000.00
Personal Finance Exchange $128,293.11 Not Updated
Personal Finance Progress $11,231.00 Not Updated
PFBlog $394.298.00 +$40,622.00
Retire At 30 $13,728.14 NEW
Savvy Saver $113,447.00 +$7,000.00
Simplify My Life $15,432.19 NEW
Single Guy Money $21,492.62 +$1,690.60
Sparing Change $15,458.00 NEW
Tired But Happy $89,858.00 NEW
Zorro’s Retirement $67,932.48 +$1,803.63

If there is a site that is tracking their net worth that you feel I should add to this list, please leave a comment here so I can check it out.

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11 Responses to Personal Finance Bloggers Net Worth – November 2005

  1. Neo says:

    Thanks for hosting this once again! You might want to double check a few of the bloggers since their net worth value is different than what you have displayed. Ex. NYC Money — $700,000, PF for the New Age — $71,007.24, and Million Dollar Goal — $22,209.34.

    Perhaps you could also add Savvy Saver to the list.


  2. pfadvice says:


    Yes…I was updating while you were leaving this message. They should be updated now and I’ll continue to check on the few that haven’t updated their net worth yet. Will also take a look at savvy saver…thanks!

  3. Neo says:

    Thanks for getting this updated. I just visiting a couple other blogs and noticed that “Retire At 30” just posted their net worth as well. Might be worth including.


  4. pfadvice says:

    Thanks Neo – have added Retire At 30 to the list. Let me know if you stumble across any others.

  5. I’m not a pure PF blogger, but I’ve jumped on the monthly reporting bandwagon for the past few months. Click my name to reach my blog.

  6. Brian says:

    Excellent work…thank you. There are a few financial bloggers I was unaware of.

  7. Claire says:

    Okay, I’ve added my NetWorthIQ graph to my blog. I promise to update it monthly.

    Could you add me to the list?


    PS. Glad to know about this other site, Jeffrey. I enjoy and have recently been reading Financial Baby Steps.

  8. pfadvice says:

    You’ve been added 🙂 and thanks for the nice comments about my other sites

  9. Neo says:

    Thanks again for all your work on this! I just found another PF net worth site ‘Cash, Checks, and Balances’ but the person hasn’t updated their most recent pay period.


  10. Neo says:

    And yet another:

    Sparing Change


  11. pfadvice says:

    Thanks – added sparing change and will wait and see if the other updates or not.

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