WordPress 1.5 Plugin – Top Comment List

We now have the wordpress plugin available to add to your site if you’d like to encourage your visitors to leave comments to your posts: Show top Commentators WordPress Plugin. The plugin places a list of the people who leave the most comments on your website into your sidebar. Some of the features:

Reset Period: You can choose how often you want the list to reset. If you choose monthly, only comments from the current month will be counted towards a visitors comment count or if you choose weekly, only the comments for that week will be counted.

List Number: You can determine the number of names you want to appear on your list.

Name Filter: You can filter out any names you don’t want to appear on the list such as your own.

URL Filter: You can filter out any website URLs that you don’t want to appear on the list.

Link Option: You can choose to have the names on the list link to the person’s website or not.

Feel free to give it a try and spread the word to others that use wordpress. If you decide to use it or have any questions about it, feel free to Email Us. Enjoy!

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  2. How I added my features…
    I added into the ns_options array:

    “minimum_posts” => 2, //Make this 1 for all commenters, or higher to require more posts first

    My $commenters result set is gotten through htis SQL query:

    SELECT COUNT(comment_author) AS comment_comments, comment_author
    FROM $wpdb->comments
    WHERE $reset_sql
    AND comment_author NOT IN($ns_options[filter_users])
    AND comment_author != ”
    AND comment_type != ‘pingback’
    GROUP BY comment_author
    HAVING COUNT(comment_author) >= $ns_options[minimum_posts]
    ORDER BY comment_comments DESC LIMIT $ns_options[limit]

  3. Nate says:

    Plugin updated to 1.01 (see change log).

    Thanks for the mention and the additional info Blaine.

  4. Bryan says:

    Neat plugin.

    I added some indexes to WordPress to make the plugin run faster. In SQL:
    ALTER TABLE `wp_comments` ADD INDEX (comment_author(32));
    ALTER TABLE `wp_comments` ADD INDEX (comment_type);

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