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I have the 4th of the 15 sites I want to get up about 80% done which is This will be an interesting site since it’s in an area that definitely is not “niche”

First, I don’t like domain names that use hyphens in the domain, so I wasn’t sure whether to get this one or not. I decided to do so because a lot of people write the word “i-bond” and in that sense it’s a quality domain name. I was actually quite surprised that it was available.

I also liked it because it only needs to be updated once every 6 months and is something that I’ll be writing about on the main site in any case, so it isn’t much work at all, but will be updated on at least a semi-annual basis.

Since “bond” in general are a pretty competitive area, I needed to do something a bit different with the site to try and get it higher in search engines. My choice was to focus on the people that actually are on the I-bonds. I made a separate page for each of them. This is an area where there isn’t a lot of information out there which may bring in some traffic and has a much better chance of getting to a good position more quickly than “I-Bond” which will take a long time and a lot of effort.

I’m not sure how this one will ultimately turn out, but I think it will be one that brings at least an average amount of money with the possibility of bringing in quite a bit more two times a year when the I-Bond rates are changing.

I did finish up the Cost of Smoking site and was able to integrate it well into the Cost of Smoking Calculator and the original Quit Smoking – How Much Can I Save? article I originally wrote that is already bringing in some search engine traffic. Hopefully that will funnel people to the satellite site.

I said I wanted to get 15 sites up by December 31, but I’m not sure how realistic that is. The sites are taking about 3 – 4 days to get up, so I think 10 is a more realistic number – especially with the holidays where I’m sure there will be days I can’t work on the computer. Still, I’m shooting for 15 and will continue at the current pace until they are all up.

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4 Responses to Site #4 –

  1. Michael says:

    You are inspiring me to create some more sites. Here is my latest one:

  2. pfadvice says:

    Fantastic. I think if you have an interest in an area and you’re going to spend time on it anyway, it’s well worth building something around it.

  3. Jacked Tunes says:

    I was very sceptical about creating sites to make money from ads. However, it seems you guys are taking a very ethical approach, i.e. you actually fill those satellite sites with content.

    Some say the dash in the domain name divides the keywords and makes them easier for a crawler to index.

  4. pfadvice says:

    Some say the dash in the domain name divides the keywords and makes them easier for a crawler to index.

    Interesting…could make sense I guess.

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