Chitika Audit

With the first of the month I received my first payment from Chitika eMiniMalls and went through their audit for the first time. Here’s the experience from my perspective:

The audit disallowed approximately 33% of the clicks which added up to about a 25% reduction in revenue from the unaudited reports I’d been receiving. That’s a pretty fair amount for them to be taking away without any knowledge of how they go about doing so. I’m sure I would have been a lot more upset about it if I considered it a vital income for the sites, but both Nate and I approached it as “an extra” from the beginning.

The ads aren’t really geared for a site like our main on


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3 Responses to Chitika Audit

  1. Michael says:

    I made a whole $13! I like the fact that it goes straight into Paypal. I find it good having a Paypal account as I use this for buying domain names, advertising, scripts and so on, then I don’t have to use a credit card.

  2. Frugal Momma says:

    I haven’t had much success with Chitka. I have it on one of my product oriented site. It does decent traffic so I thought Chitka would be a good addition.

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