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Satellite Site Income November

In my attempt to turn websites into my full time business, I’m finding that the “satellite sites” we’re building are becoming a more important factor into the equation that will ultimately determine whether we can make the jump. I mentioned in an earlier post that the 10 sites that we had up were bringing in an average of $36.74 in October, so I felt shooting for $50 a site (rather than the $100 I had originally mentioned) would be a reasonable goal. This past month saw a nice increase in profits from the majority of these sites (as I did a bit more promotion of them).

As mentioned before, there is basically no cost (except time) for me to build these sites as we already have a server we pay for for the main site that has plenty of room to host them. This is a combination of adsense and text link advertising on the sites and includes all the satellite site, but does not include this site or the main SavingAdvice site.

Satellite November profits

Earning Rank Nov. Change
1 $183.43 +$53.92
2 $81.38 -$3.75
3 $65.15 +$19.92
4 $50.34 +$23.83
5 $47.23 +$11.06
6 $41.76 +$12.18
7 $25.59 +$12.42
8 $22.78 +$5.72
9 $12.52 +$9.59
10 $10.67 +$10.52

The average for the 10 sites this month came to $54.09 which shows that an average of $50 can be achieved with some effort. I suspect that this average will drop with the new sites coming into the system until they can get placed in search engines, but even if the average falls for awhile, if I can continue to beat the previous months combined total then I’ll be in good shape.

I was also able to get 5 new sites up this month (actually, 4 were new and one was up, but I hadn’t been tracking its earnings for some reason). As would be expected, most have hardly any earnings since they were only up a partial month, but one (other than the one I hadn’t been tracking) has done surprisingly well for the short period. I will be adding these into the overall average beginning next month

New Sites

Earning Rank Nov. Change
1 $32.93 N/A
2 $24.06 N/A
3 $10.00 N/A
4 $0.63 N/A
5 $0.00 N/A

Overall I’m extremely pleased with the progress this past month and if this can be maintained, the satellite strategy along with the main sites can work. December should be an interesting month with the holidays which I anticipate will make my revenue lower than in November.

4 thoughts on “Satellite Site Income November

  1. Nice work. Things seem to being ok with the new sites. Like everything it just takes time. I have a site which I made earlier this year to try and sell real-estate, and other than the few hours I put into make the site, it has made $30 this month. I have given up trying to sell real-estate for now at least, but it is amazing how sites left by themselves can do reasonably well.

    December/January was fairly good for me last year in terms of affiliate sales and especially money from dating sites. I don’t know what will happen with Adsense. Anyway, I will be taking some time off, relaxing and planning a big year for 2006!

  2. Finally, a guy who’s posting real numbers and telling everyone how he’s reached them. More posts like this one would contribute to an awesome “how-to” collection for people who live online. Keep on.

  3. I’m becoming very interested in this type of business and I’m enjoying reading about your success. I may need to get serious about doing something similar soon…I’m not sure my company’s going to make it. sigh.

  4. This would be quite difficult to pull off without the main site since it allows me to send people to the satellite sites. It also helps to have a newsletter with 5000 subscribers who are looking for information on how to save money. I think these satellite site would be a lot less successful if I didn’t have the main site and that main site has taken a LOT of time to build…I think we are going on our 4th year in different forms for that site. We’re beginning to see a payoff now, but we’ve put in a ton of hours where we weren’t receiving anything for the work we were doing.

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