12 Days of Christmas Cost $18,348.87

I’ve always enjoyed this annual survey conducted by PNC Advisors. It seems that the prices for the items on the 12 days rose 6.1% this year to $18,348.87. For those who want to go all out and buy all the 364 gifts as repeated in the song, the total comes to $72, 608.02. Here are what all the gifts are going for this year:

Item Cost Per Item Total Cost % Increase
Partridge In A Pear Tree $104.99 $104.99 12.9%
2 Turtle Doves $20.00 $40.00 0%
3 French Hens $15.00 $45.00 3.7%
4 Calling Birds $99.99 $399.96 1.0%
5 Golden Rings $65.00 $325.00 27.5%
6 Geese-A-Laying $50.00 $300.00 42.9%
7 Swans-A-Swimming $600.00 $4,200.00 20.0%
8 Maids-A-Milking $5.15 $41.20 0%
9 Ladie


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6 Responses to 12 Days of Christmas Cost $18,348.87

  1. Zorro's Steno says:

    It looks like bird flu is hitting the partridge, geese and swans this year.

  2. jim says:

    Despite being the most expensive of the persons, the ladies look like a steal at twice the price! :)

  3. Reality Bites says:

    I’m going for the Maid’s a milkin myself…

  4. Caitlin says:

    A dancing lady costs $500!??!?

    is that per hour?

  5. ~Dawn says:

    Ladies dancing always get paid more than lord’s dancing- Sex appeal. Although Maids-A-Milking, a blue collar job, just don’t get what they deserve.

    Fun to read, Thanks

  6. trumpetfreakwannabee says:

    wow the lords a leaping cost more than the drummers!thanks this website helped me with my odd homework assignment.

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