Not Happy

I’m not happy with the latest site I’ve been putting together: Since I already had an article written, I thought it would be a fairly easy site to put together, but it has turned into being anything but that. I’ve added more pages that need to be rewritten and expanded and the site keeps getting bigger. That’s not necessarily a bad thing in the long run, but it’s certainly not a lot of fun right now. It doesn’t help that it’s a subject that I’m not particularly interested in, but I started and I need to get it finished.

Some positive points are that I’ve learned a lot more about timeshares which will allow me to put together some articles to distribute fairly easily. That being said, I’m still a bit uneasy about how this site will turn out in the long run. I think that is another reason I’m frustrated at the moment – I’m not sure that all the time and effort I’m putting into this will have as good of a return as I want.

Okay, enough of my complaining. Back to the site because I definitely want to have it finished before I go to bed tonight!

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  1. Michael says:

    Don’t worry I know exactly how you are feeling. Creating a new site is exciting on one hand, but since you get little immediate benefit, it is a little depressing for all the time you spend on it.

    It could take 2-3 years before your site is at the top of the search engines, but then somebody could be offering a lot of money for your site, if things keep going the way they are.

    Perhaps we can get some creative linking going to help each other. I like your goal of trying to create 15 new sites by the end of the year. The domains you are creating seem to be of good value.

    Can I ask who you are doing hosting with?

  2. pfadvice says:

    Always open to creative ideas that would help both parties’ sites. Feel free to email me them at any time.

    Not sure who the host company is off the top of my head (will have to ask Nate and get back to you on that), but I know that all the new sites we create don’t have any additional hosting costs. We need a big (and expensive) server for the main site due to the active forums so there is plenty of room to add on these small sister sites.

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