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I began working on site number 2 of the fifteen I need to complete by the end of the year. This one didn’t go nearly as smoothly as the first one. I had hoped to have it done before going to bed, but I have it only about 75% written. The basics are there, but all the writing is still in rough draft form (or not written at all). I’ll try and finish it up tomorrow when I get up.

I started working on I’m not nearly as confident that this site will be able to generate the funds that we want as I was with yesterday’s, but it’s a subject with strong advertising competition which could be good for text ads and contextual advertising. The main issue will be finding a way to get people to the site.

Basically I took an article that I had written for the main site with the same title and expanded the different sections of it. It comes in at about 10 pages for the entire site which is about what I want.

I realized after purchasing the website URL that I made a mistake. I like the ring of the name “timeshare trap” but I really should have picked something else. The main reason is that I already have the number one position in google for “timeshare trap” with the article on my main site so I basically doubled up when I could have gone for a high ranking with another timeshare related URL phrase and then had two.

That being said, I can use the main article to funnel readers to the new site for the beginning months when the new site won’t show up well in the search engines (I could have also done this with a different URL, but let’s forget about that).

The site does have potential. It focuses on the negatives of timeshares which is a lot less prevalent than the actual selling and advertising of the timeshare units. There are some opportunities to write articles and press releases that could bring some publicity to the site. There also is a large pool of people that are in a time share trap looking for information on what their options are to get rid of their timeshare units. This could lead to the site becomings a destination site for those looking for such answers.

Right now I think I’m just tired and a bit frustrated that I didn’t get in finished liked I hoped. Maybe after working on it later and finishing it up, I’ll be a bit more positive about it having the potential to earn more than the $3 minimum a day we’re hoping for.

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  1. How To Be Poor says:

    I like the idea about the timeshare trap. I would also like to read about techniques timeshare peddlers employ to trap people.

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