One Down, 14 to Go –

I mentioned earlier that I needed to focus and build 15 new websites before the end of the year to help with my financial goals of making the websites my main income source. We purchased 10 of the 15 domains we want and have five more domain names we are considering purchasing, but want to spend a bit more time thinking about them and seeing if we can come up with better ones.

I finished the first of the 15 sites we want today. While it certainly can be improved with more information added, it has the foundation laid which is the main purpose at this point. This will allow it to get indexed into the search engines and hopefully begin attracting a few visitors.

The name of the first site is N


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3 Responses to One Down, 14 to Go –

  1. Caitlin says:

    I love it! Keep us posted

  2. pfadvice says:

    thanks. will certainly do so :)

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