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One Down, 14 to Go –

I mentioned earlier that I needed to focus and build 15 new websites before the end of the year to help with my financial goals of making the websites my main income source. We purchased 10 of the 15 domains we want and have five more domain names we are considering purchasing, but want to spend a bit more time thinking about them and seeing if we can come up with better ones.

I finished the first of the 15 sites we want today. While it certainly can be improved with more information added, it has the foundation laid which is the main purpose at this point. This will allow it to get indexed into the search engines and hopefully begin attracting a few visitors.

The name of the first site is National Condom Week. While this may seem like a strange URL for money information, you have to think back to one of my previous posts about credit card condoms It’s one that I think can meet the $3 a day goal with the potential to make even more if we get some lucky breaks. These are the positives I see with this site:

– There is actually a National Condom Week that is celebrated in the US (Feb. 14 – 21) and also one that is celebrated in the UK (May 8 – 13). That means automatic free publicity for the site 2 times a year – in fact I was quite surprised the domain name was available.

– The site should attract a different demographic that our main site hasn’t tried to go after yet which is college age students. This will give us a good opportunity to convert some of the visitors into regular site members and to create a college savings area on the main site.

– For those who aren’t interested in credit card condoms and were looking for information on regular condoms, there is a good chance they will use the google ads on the site to exit thus creating some income.

– If it rises high enough in the search rankings, media will likely come to it when they are looking for information on National Condom Week for an article. The credit card condom may be a strange enough idea that they write an article on it giving the site free press coverage or at least mention the site as an alternative taking place for the National Condom Week celebration.

– It’s an easy site to promote through news releases (both from the credit card condom angle and for announcements on National Condom Week)

– There are a lot of opportunities to hold contests if we decide to.

– There is potential revenue from doing an affiliate program with a condom site if we choose to go in that direction.

– The site has appeal to a number of groups who might want to text advertise: credit card sites, debt sites, condom sites, AIDS sites, etc.

As you can see, there are a lot of potential pluses for this site. While I’m not thinking about this currently, the site also has the potential to become a central location for all the groups that are planning condom week events. A search on the web shows that there isn’t a site like that at the moment with the events being handled by individual schools or local cities. If a central location is needed for all parties to pass along information and get help at some point in the future, this site has the potential to offer that.

I will be quite interested to see how this site works out in the coming months and will keep my fingers crossed that it is one that goes well beyond the $3 a day minimum we’re hoping for. Time to begin putting the foundation together on site number two…

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