Nickled & Dimed – Hidden Costs

I’ve been thinking about hidden costs lately when I came across this post in the forums from princessperky

As I knelt down to change my newest additions diaper, I realized I should turn on the light already. And I thought how the little things about winter that make it more expensive. It isn’t just the high heating bill. It is rock salt, and extra lights, and outdoor lights, and much more. More hot water for much needed showers (and it costs more to get hot). More electricity for all the seasonal baking (or was that to keep the kitchen warm?) More laundry due to more layers to keep warm.

All sorts of little things that one at a time don’t mean much alone, but do make for a


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5 Responses to Nickled & Dimed – Hidden Costs

  1. Gakline says:

    Lawmakers in the US are extending Daylight Savings by 4 weeks. It’s intended to conserve energy. I’m all for it. Right now, I only see the sun during lunch or from a window at work. See the article below:

  2. Maxim says:

    Two words about laundry – line dry. I’ve cut my dryer usage by 3/4, and saved about 25 bucks a month. Clothes smell better, last longer, and you can line dry all the time (unless it’s raining or snowing).

  3. mbhunter says:

    Hmmm… I wonder if PrincessPerky uses cloth diapers for her little one. If not, she could easily pay for the new washer in the savings on the cloth diapers over the paper ones alone.

  4. rob62521 says:

    Line drying is fine unless you have allergies, then it is not recommended.

    All these little costs have a way of sneaking up on you…we have extremely hard water so using a water softener is an added cost. In the long run it saves us money by not having to replace the water heater as often and we use less soap. Yet, there’s the cost of the salt, maintenance, and power it takes. It’s like most things, it sneaks up on you.

  5. Becki in Indiana says:

    Those with allergies probably shouldn’t line-dry OUTDOORS (due to pollen) but they can CERTAINLY use an indoor clothesline, or a drying rack, or hang lightweight items to dry in the shower!

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