Time To Focus: My Challenge

Nate and I had a long talk about our sites and where we want them to go. After brainstorming for awhile, we came up with some great ideas that we feel would add a lot of value to the sites. The main problem is figuring out a way to double our current income so that we both have the time to work on the site full time. We made the decision that the way to accomplish that will be to build more satellite sites.

The one thing that we having going for us is that we have a lot of quality content. Although I have to rewrite it for the new sites, the basics are all there which is a lot easier than researching everything from the very beginning. So we set a goal to have 15 new sites up and running before the end of the year. That won’t be an easy accomplishment considering all the other commitments I have.

We spent about an hour brainstorming possible URLs for the new sites and already have purchased eight. I promised Nate that i would have seven more bought by the time he wakes up so he can beging the set up process. The difficult part is coming up with themes where we can create a site with about 10 pages of content and then simply leave it without having to update it constantly.

The sites don’t have to be huge or successful. They just need to generate $3 a day. Although that sounds easy, it’s a lot more difficult than most people realize, especially if you aren’t spending a lot of time promoting the site. I know I can make all the sites reach that level, but it will take some time. What it means is taking a step backward to move 2 steps forward.

If I commit to building these other sites, it means I will have to greatly reduce the promoting I’ve been doing to increase readership of this journal and my main site. It means that I probably won’t have the time to post each day here and won’t be able to look for ways to get more people to join my main site.

Truth be told, it just isn’t as much fun either. I like writing here and spending the day working on building content for the main site. Putting together a new site takes a lot more energy and willpower to motivate and get it done. It is, however, a means to an end which will eventually allow me to do exactly what I love to do most and at the same time increase the overall value of the entire site system.

So there it is. I need to get 15 sites up and running in just over a month. No time like the present to get started!

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  1. Caitlin says:

    wow…good luck. I’ll sure miss your frequent postings (and honestly the photos of food too LOL)

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