Tofu Dinner

After reading my post about the $235 strange food dinner my wife said the other night that I should really give a different perspective of Japanese food to my readers and then told me she had the perfect spot we should go (boy, was that a good set up). So last night we went to an all you can eat buffet at a Tofu restaurant.

tofu restaurant
Tofu restaurant

Japanese restaurants aren’t the cheapest places in the world, but there is no tipping so the price that is listed is the price that you pay. The buffet meals were $19.00 each which included drinks (except for alcoholic drinks which we both passed on) and it was one of the healthier buffet meals I’ve ever come across. Although the vast majority of the dishes available were vegetarian, there were several that had seafood items in them – and as you might imagine from the name, lots of different types of tofu to try.

full plate
Sampling the food

Buffet style restaurants are a fairly new thing to Japan and the ones I went to before this restaurant were not the best quality of food. I must admit, the dishes at this place were quite delicious and the meal was well worth the price. I tried 26 different dishes including several that I had never eaten before – black bean tofu, fried tofu with cream cheese, tofu pudding and a tofu omelet. Unfortunately the place was packed and I didn’t have the opportunity to take photos of all the dishes in the buffet line.

While this wouldn’t have been considered an inexpensive evening out, it ended up being a lot cheaper than if we had gone to a regular restaurant and ordered all the items individually. It was an excellent place to try a bit of everything and I ended up filling my plate several times. Will we go back there again? Definitely. When we want to go out for a nicer dinner it’s a value in those circumstances.

empty plate
Not much left even after the third trip

Now the question is that since I agreed to go for the express reason to make a post in this blog about it and show a different side of Japanese food, can I deduct it against the earnings of this site? 😉

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  1. Caitlin says:

    Ha! love the pic of the empty plate! Sounds way yummy

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