The Cost of Smoking

money up in smoke

I’m not a smoker. I was given a fantastic lesson at a very early age. When I wanted to smoke and be like the grown-ups, I was told I could. The catch was that I couldn’t just try one – I had to smoke an entire pack. I was more than happy and agreed. After the first puff, I had no intention of smoking anymore, but was told that I had agreed to smoke the entire pack. I continued until I was too ill to take another puff and have never had the desire to smoke since then. That lesson kept me from every getting addicted to cigarettes and as a result, save me a huge amount of money.

Today is the 29th Great American Smokeout sponsored by the American Cancer Society to try and get


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4 Responses to The Cost of Smoking

  1. Jonathan says:

    Great post. I am an ex smoker. I quit in May and everything has been going well since then. For all of you still smoking, think about your health, the money you can be saving, and your children, if you have any.

    I save much more money ever since i stopped smoking. I used to buy roughly 3 packs per week. Now i use that money for other good things like saving, hobbies, and on myself.

    Ever since I quit, i have been going to the gym and I feel healthier and stronger than ever. My sense of smell and taste have dramatically improved.

    Overall, smoking is not worth it. There is nothing good about it. Put it down now.

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  3. Ryan Battles says:

    I am also an ex-smoker and am living proof that it can be done. My wife is a few months shy of becoming an MD, and she has told me that second-hand smoke will stay on your clothes and release itself for hours after your smoke break. Because many people smoke outside of the home as a way of keeping it out of their home, they need to know that they are still harming those inside of their homes, perhaps causing them more money loss by affecting their children’s health.

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